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Image by Drew Beamer





She threw her arms up in the air and welcomed this long overdue storm. She had one beautiful life and wanted to live it with no regrets. The storm wasn’t a raging force but a rejuvenating squall.  The winds that accompanied it weren’t destructive, rather they swept  away the last lingering ties to her past.  

This storm cleansed her, and how good did that feel.  

She was able to see clearly, and for once she could be seen. She had lived as a ghost for years, ignored. It hurt.  

But she was ready for a change, to brave a second dance, now her  shackles had unravelled. 

Hers was a heart that had been homeless for too long, but now it resided  somewhere new. With him. It felt protected. Her new love, what a  beautiful distraction he was. 

There were no more lies to be sold. No more lies to be told.  This was peace. He was calm, pure, uncomplicated.  

All alien experiences to her.  

She could finally be. Rest, heal, grow. 

She was lulled to sleep by the leaves rustling in the breeze.  Wrapped in his arms, warm and safe.  

She had finally arrived home.


She stood on hallowed land as the day was turning in, listening to the gentle lullaby of the river. The fragrant breeze exhaled the soft lingering perfume of the valley. This place was her chapel, where she came to make peace with the anxieties of the day. The trees bowed gracefully in the breeze and the rustle of the branches, made the sweetest music in the wind.  Leaves falling from the trees left a faint trace of magic in the air, She felt alive… In the distance the birds sang their last melodic tune of the day as they came home to roost. This was peace. This was calm. She took pleasure in this moment of tranquillity. “All is well,” she whispered to herself, “all is well.” She inhaled and revelled in the silence. She knew if she paid attention to the smallest signs, nature would bring a remedy to her troubles. Its secret was patience. The day was drawing to a close. Warm tints of light dappled the lofty trees as the sun went down. Tomorrow would be a new day and tomorrow’s possibilities were boundless!

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