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Image by Drew Beamer


Red sails billowing in the wind

Trimmed by the ghosts of sailors past

A history not so long ago

Yet soon to be forgotten

The only thing that stays the same

Is the constant rate of change

Not much more than the clothes on your back

And the hope in your heart

One way ticket to Hong Kong

To start a new life

Where the sun rises in the east

Sweat dripping down your back

Blooming flowers and country parks

Free-flow brunches and endless dim sum lunches

Late nights with sparkling lights

Fleeting loves and endless acquaintances

The noonday rays cracking through

The sheer veneer of a life once led

As the sun makes its way across the sky

The ground under your feet

Shifting like quicksand to trap you in

In your arrogant naivety  

You assumed to make a name for yourself

And leave your mark on this city

But instead the city has marked you

Carving away pieces of your soul

Until you become

Another voice to join the masses

Whose stories are etched into the stones

And that sigh on the wind

Whispering enticingly to those who pass by

As the sun slowly sinks in the west


5. Katie Flowers Art 2 morning 2.jpg


There once was a flower

So tall and brave

Standing alone in a desolate field

That was once ravaged

By the passionate heat of wildfires

She swayed and bent in the wind

Yet held firm

With her roots reaching deep

Into the warmth of the dark moist earth

In the morning she would unfurl

Her delicate velvety petals

In the soft dawn glow

Becoming a splash of color

On a grey lunar landscape

Until one by one her petals fell away

And drifted lazily to the ground

To shrivel up and be blown away

And soon she bent with age

Gravity pulling her down

And in a final goodbye

She laid down her body to die

But not before she had spread her seeds into the sky


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