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Image by Drew Beamer




Starry Bauhinia


On the backstreet, grounded strong

A vital beauty still lives on

Lush and green is its canopy,

An impressive shady harmony,

Blooming months bring decoration

A crown of brilliance, a starry sensation

So plentiful are the flowers of white

With mild sweet scent, morning to night

It bring enjoyment, comfort… a smile

Let’s sit and relax underneath for a while,

Whilst butterflies flutter by its flowers,

The world goes by and so… the hours,

Amidst the action on the street,

Shops, Eateries, bicycles, running feet

Whether you go by, or sit thereunder

Pause, appreciate, the Bauhinia’s wonder.


Pier Shop Ladies



What a team, me thinks,

While we queue up for drinks,

“Large coffee, two small teas,

two packs of tissues, please.”

An exchange of dollars in record time,

Ordered refreshments standing in line.


The bell bellows out its piercing noise,

Brief panic from a mother and her boys,

“Siu mai, fish balls, a newspaper, please,

any sandwiches, ham ‘n’ cheese?”

“Fidi la ! This ferry must go,”

Shout staff in glasses standing in a row.


Pier shop ladies rush to provide,

Serving Lamma residents before their ferry ride.

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