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Image by Drew Beamer


In the silvery rain,

Outside the palace’s walls

Sombre wilderness surrounds me as

I slice their feeble legs in half



A tribute to the unclaimed dead cows and bulls



The repayment of skinned hides, their liberation after decades old

Throbbing in crimson red,

The remaining intoxicating flesh scattered in the forest with foul scent


The same smell from the washed meats that are about to be cooked


I looked into the most flickering soul among the sea of eyes,

And drew my knife to his throat


Gently, and warmly,

I said to the prestigious noble,

“Will you free these captive cattle

from your lands, release them back into nature?”


A shiver was returned in response


From the palace’s kitchen, he served steaks with grape wines

To a round of ostentatious applause 



Cold like hell, and slimy as gel

Day after day, locked inside the cell

To become, it needed to eat away itself

The past, the guilt, and the injustice

The pain, the memory, and the limitation

It folded in the dark and slaughtered itself


There was no teacher inside

Nor was a master in guide

It was a spirit who wanted a breakout


Until one day 

A favor seeped through

And caused a crack burst out with lights

A shining phoenix then broke out in sight


Vermilion feathers as coat

​Their colors brightened the cold

Servants of Death stayed afar

Forced to witness the miracle before their eyes

Repeatedly till they submitted themselves to heavenly skies


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