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Image by Drew Beamer

Hey Humans!

I see you: hunched, hobbled,

Sucked in, shrunken, grey.

Once, when I’d tap on your window,

I’d have been let in without delay.


We’d sashay to the kitchen,

For a tasty treat,

Purrs on full throttle,

But then you started to TWEET!


Poor Dad thinks he’s so LinkedIn,

But rarely sees the sky;

And Mum’s consumed by Facebook,

Though she’s clueless as to why;

Big Brother’s hooked on Reddit,

When he used to read a book;

While Little Sister’s stuck on Insta,

Anxious about her look.


Hey Humans!!


See me stare, then blink at you,

And try to understand,

As my world stays so bright and light,

Why you choose to be so bland?

Those precious devices you hold so dear,

Have taken my place in your lap,

They do not purr, they have no fur,

And they make you ignore your cat.


Hey Humans!!!


Old and young,

Have you forgotten how to be?

Look up! Get up! Come outside!

It’s so beautiful out here with me.


Oh Humans…


Now I observe,

My good counsel goes unheard,

You don’t understand a word,

The young’uns never learned,

And the grown ups (it’s so absurd),

Have joined the crazy herd,

With vision blurred,

They sit inside their room,

While outside, there’s a magical sight,

A prickly pear in full bloom.


Hey Humans!!!!


Writer’s block,

I want to write,

Something funny,

But I can’t get it right.


I want to be clever,

Witty, profound,

But my brain is so foggy,

Like a fuzzy Afghan hound.


I had ages to write this,

Weeks to prepare,

Now all I can do is stare and stare and stare,

At the ceiling, the screen, the dead bug on the wall,

Why on Earth do I pretend I’m a writer at all?


The deadline’s tomorrow,

I cannot procrastinate,

No wine in the fridge and it’s really too late,

To be brilliant, intriguing or awe-inspiring,

Where are my words, I feel like crying!


Stop! Relax! Breathe!

Go with the flow!

Use your words, don’t be absurd,

Just write about what you know,

A slap to the forehead,

And I feel just fine

Writer’s block, unlocked…

And in a rhyme.

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