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When you visit the Lamma Art Collective (LAC), you can really feel the inspiration behind its inception. A multi-functional space for art and creativity, exhibitions and workshops, classes, private parties and social events, networking, new ideas and communication. It has also served as a co-working haven for those who had to suddenly work from home in the height of the pandemic.

LAC was founded by three friends in 2017. If you have ever wanted a space to make your art, teach a class or run a workshop, LAC is the perfect place. We host a range of classes, run by experienced teachers, including watercolour, life modelling, photography, yoga, pilates, language classes, to name just a few!

While LAC has run various classes and holding various events,  hosts corporate team building sessions, art will always be its heart and soul. We pride ourselves on being the pinnacle of the art scene within the Lamma community.


Conveniently located just 5 minutes from the YSW ferry pier on Main Street, just above popular tapas hangout, Dale Candela, the LAC has a spacious and bright workspace with a balcony, kitchen, art library, kiosk, and a dedicated office/art room. Equipment available in the space includes a projector, easels, art supplies, chairs (including chairs for children), tables, floor mats and pillows, books for lending, and a laser printer. The space can be arranged according to the needs of the event, which could be anything - children’s parties, dinner hosting, cinema/game nights, corporate team building workshops, private classes, seminars, art exhibits, and many others.


LAC has two main aims: first, to promote Lamma artists and to create work opportunities for them. A place where the art industry knows and even participates in major art exhibitions in Hong Kong. And secondly, to provide educational, spiritual, and artistic elements for the Lamma community. And with these aims, LAC has always been focused on bringing the Lamma creative community together, through art, energy and the sharing of knowledge.

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A Lamma-based writing community to inspire, encourage and motivate one another to improve, persevere, and pick up our pens.

Write or Die was founded in 2019 on Lamma Island, Hong Kong by Chloe Grimmett. 

The philosophy behind the community is that most people will be more productive and inevitably more creative, if they are accountable, and if they are encouraged and inspired by other like-minded individuals. The Write or Die community aims to do just that: motivate, inspire and encourage. Open to any writers, of any genre, and ability - this part is super important. We welcome everyone - from all walks of life, with all kinds of literary agendas and ambitions, we pride ourselves on being a diverse and inclusive collective.

We produce an annual anthology of writers' work - be it essay, poetry, short story or novel extract - each summer. 

Write or Die enables writers write! In addition to this, we also participate in collaborative projects from time-to-time, including with other well-known Hong Kong-based literary groups, such as Peel St Poets and Outloud Poetry. 

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