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Image by Drew Beamer
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These humans –

If we’d just arrived sooner

Before lakes turned to dust

Skies blazed and

Cities fell in rains of glass and concrete. 


These humans – 

Who choked the stars and gutted mountains

Poisoned seas

Built their monoliths by

Ripping entrails from the earth. 


These humans – 

Who silenced birds

Razed entire continents

Extinguished animal timelines with

Carnivorous greed.


Come, let us burn the last of their records

Shred their final shards of DNA 

Back into constituent base pairs

Efface the memory of

an evolutionary experiment gone far wrong


Let us reset the clock of life

To once more green the land

Purify the waters

Rewild the world

Until no trace remains of


These humans – 


Hydrangea Moment

She told us 

she loved hydrangeas

soft, pastel billowings --

crisp ruffled balloons, stout with air

held aloft by 

dark scaffolds, the purple scents

of florets, 

next to Dunain’s kitchen 

garden – or humped beneath

white winter 



Seasons came, and passed, 

like people

but we always clung,

as the first frail scent of


to her hands,

petals, ourselves,

and always young 

in her view, 


as the love in her 


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