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Image by Drew Beamer


Tear down the buildings

Wreck down the walls

Break down the foundation

Leave the debris where it falls

I watch myself

Closing down

Trying to drown

The noise and the sounds

Plugged in but disconnected

Nourished but somehow neglected

Bring me back to some universal truth

Not to comfort or to soothe

Yearning for places that can't be erased

Yearning for permanence that can't be displaced

Connected to a piece of history

Even when it's the simplicity

Of nature's unforgiving cruelty

Cave drawings, draw me

Closer to earth

Closer to soil

Closer to dirt




Mirror Mirror

On the wall

Will we end up being like our parents after all?

Will we recognize ourselves in their fault lines

fine lines


how far does the apple fall from the tree

how many versions of them can we be

When we see them in our eyes

will we despise, compromise


hear their words and mistakes as a reprise

see drafts ourselves of ourselves we need to revise

our failures in numerous tries

will we ourselves become wise

can we grow to empathize and humanize

And when we feel large

and they seem small

we must ask

Mirror Mirror

Who is the fairest of them all?

With all the kings and all the kings’ men

with all the wrong parents and all the fight friends

Can we put ourselves back together again?


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