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Image by Drew Beamer



CJ x Debra: Image
10. Debra_Morris.jpeg


The pleasure taken with every flesh loss;

which does not weep nor grieve,

and the savour of sour and sweet;

distils the suffer and woe.

The cherry lives in the land of peace;

how can they force a fruit,

to be packed and sold for good?

It’s not like a can of drink;

turning the eyes and,

it shall disappear in a litter void.

Nor like the polluting river;

involuntarily accepts,

the unwanted from

the unawakened.

It’s an elegant fruit;

imbibed with stories of nature,

which is now captured,

in a final canvas as furniture.


CJ x Debra: TeamMember
10. Debra_Morris_Art2.jpeg


Make no mistake
He doesn’t forsake
Kindness at his heart
Malevolence shows mercy impart

Trust in the process
Faith in God progress

The watch He has
Ain’t the same as Our timing we wear

Blessing has already been made
The moment you wish
So stay calm and don’t let your dream fade

Hardships are there to prepare you
For blessing you shall receive
The lesson that you complete


CJ x Debra: TeamMember
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