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Image by Drew Beamer




People hold onto those who have passed on, in their memory and  imagination. But the earth. She is different. She takes the dead into her arms  and creates new life from their bones. Seeds and creatures blossom and thrive  from the blood that nurtures the earth. The breath of the departed is breathed  in by Air once more. Our bodies will be subsumed by Fire. And Fire in turn  will be consumed by Water. Water, which will dissolve into itself the ashes of  our past. People will forget me when I go, but the earth, she will hold me and  remember me for all time. 

Teagan Hamilton.jpeg
Teagan’s Corner 

Sometimes home is a feeling… 

A feeling that goes beyond the four walls that house me 

Home is the peace I feel as I walk the street that borders this ocean I know Home is the look in the eyes of the people who have watched me bloom and grow Home is the kindness I feel within, when the dim sum lady smiles and prepares my meal  Home is watching how all the colours in my painting merge together and stand beautifully ideal Home is this feeling that the trees and this sky and water was created for me Home is here and now,  

Breathing in this moment, sets me free.

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