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Image by Drew Beamer


I fell into a painting,

And then began to climb,

Soft snowy secrets,

Deliciously entwined.

I fell into a painting,

And then felt quite content:

Blue blood blossoms,

Pulsing flourishing ascent.

I fell into a painting,

What’s the matter with me?

Burn within, freeze without,

Please just let me be!

I fell into a painting,

And I wonder why I’m here,

Dark clouds, some distant war,

Overcome with fear.

I fell into a painting,

And I began to scream,

Murky darkness deafening,

Bleak shadow’s swirling stream.

I fell into a painting,

And then began to soar,

Gilt gossamer eagle-wings,

To a tranquil distant shore.

I fell into a painting,

As I fell into my bed,

Layers of life liquify,

Stirring whispers in my head.

Will I stop falling,

Past my former self,

Clutching as I tumble,

Wisdom’s willowy wealth?

Do I even want to?

For each new day laid bare,

Holds a promise of one more,

Potentially answered prayer.


16. Vianee Fernie Art 2 Painting_Unharmonized Hymn_Contagion.jpeg


Click here to listen to Vianee's musical interpretation of Jo's poem Contagion

The white of the beach,

Strikes fear in my heart,

Suffocating, smothering.

My footsteps creak,

On unnatural turf,

What happened?

Here, in a beautiful cove,

Nature's haven,

Arms wide open,

Embracing and clinging,

Decades of rejection.

I spring like a soul possessed,

Digging, digging,

Where is the ground?

And the white, the terrible white,

Mocks me -

You will never reach the end,

Those days are over, my friend.

White is free

To explode,

And I know




Yet, hapless humans


And white wins.


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