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Victoria Moyle is a lyricist, poet and creative writer while also teaching English as a Foreign Language and History. Only one of these roles pays the rent, however, so this is her first exhibition: she even had to write an author biography. Her writing career started in primary school where she would remove pages from rarely-used exercise books to write stories on. This led to an embarrassing telling off in front of the whole class and somewhat disrupted her writing. From that point on, she was more careful to press the staples back down and to vary the books she got the paper from. 

Victoria grew up in Hong Kong but her family left when she was 10. She found it difficult to settle in the UK, feeling a bit of an outsider. This might be why she tries to hide her writing's real meanings until the end. She loves writing but also reading and she'll get back to her own writing as soon as she's finished the next chapter...

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