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16. Vianee Fernie headshot 1.jpeg


A mother of three boys, Filipino multidisciplinary artist, singer-songwriter who lives in Hong Kong. Vianee loves to collaborate and she is founder of Sinag Art Space, an independent artist-run space on Lamma island.  

 Vianee is a representative of a Filipino identity living in Hong Kong, for almost twenty-seven years, actively seeking common ideals within her community.    

She left the Philippines in early 1990 to work as a musician in Shenyang, China, where she met her husband. They moved to Hong Kong in 1995 and started a family. In 2004 she began performing again, collaborating with talented artists in the city. In 2008, she started song writing and playing the guitar again. 

Vianee’s previous job of nine years was as an assistant teacher at an international school in Hong Kong. Whilst working, she pursued her formal studies in art and took a Fine Arts degree as a mature student at RMIT University/Hong Kong Arts School. Now Vianee is  a full-time artist, running her own artist space, Sinag Art Space.  

A core part of Vianee’s practice is the desire to incorporate sound and visual works. Her interest are in writing text, lyrics, producing it as a sound or music, and translating it into a tangible form; in 2D visual or sculpture formation.  


In this artwork, Vianee concentrated on the compelling poetry originally written by Jo Wilson, entitled 'Contagion', focusing on the environmental issues about Styrofoam usage. Her research started in checking the importance of the writer's advocacy about the environment, then she experimented with how she could be inspired incorporating her own ideals with her message. 

After a few trial and errors, Vianee’s final creative process is to produce a minimalist sound using Blips Piano synth accompanied by my voice narrating the poetry and a painting.  

I love the line: 

Here, in a beautiful cove,

Nature's haven,

Arms wide open,

Embracing and clinging,

Decades of rejection.

During the painting process, she immersed herself listening to the audio and translating it into the canvas. It was mix messages; the words are eerie, but the regurgitating sound of the voice accompanied by a single piano chord makes it meditating.  

It's like listening to a song and seeking inspiration from it, which I definitely found.  

Find Vianee on Instagram: @vianeearts

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