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Prior to his time on Lamma, Tavis lived in cities like Edmonton, Ottawa, Calgary and on Hong Kong Island. All of those years he lived in suburbs or apartments where few people ever knew or cared much about their neighbours. Tavis’ heart yearned for more connection. In the summer of 2006, after leaving a broken marriage, he moved to Lamma Island, and here is where he found something like the community he had always dreamt of finding. All the chapters of Tavis’ life are knitted together by a desire for and to understand community, nature and spirit – to find connection and belonging. But it must be said, Tavis has spent more time pondering theories than practicing and actually relating and connecting.

Tavis is father of three, a daughter and two sons. He lives, together with his wife and daughter, in Tai Peng. He enjoys his garden which cycles regularly between chaos and order, cooking (particularly fermentation of foods and beverages) and he teaches English literature to P4, 5 & 6 kids at a DSS school in Hong Kong.

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