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Sandra became a writer when she began writing her ‘money talk’ series that records the early years of the more than half a century of her life.  What occurred during those years are fading in memory, but never completely forgotten.

As returned migrants from South East Asia during the 50s, Sandra’s family were given the freedom to leave China for Hong Kong in 1974.  Before that they had lived in Hainan Island, Bangbu, Anhui Province and Beijing, Sandra’s birthplace. Her childhood memories of those years provide historic flashes of a “new China” when it was recovering from its decade long economic and political struggles. Those are fading memories through some distinctly slow-paced living in the Mainland during the early 70s, then fast-forwarded into Hong Kong’s roaring times.  What remained, still, after five decades, are some odd trifles and their price tags. How money worked during the early 70s as Sandra remembers gives a blurry economic vision of China, and Asia, in a changing time, and may also be a source to better understand how life turned out today, and perhaps to envision that of tomorrow.  With this motivation, Sandra began to sift through her coarse memories, and pick the money memories out to plot out a historic landscape unique to herself.

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