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Lamma-Gung, a Swiss living just outside the remote Lamma Island jungle, has been spending most of his life in Hong Kong so far. He was lured to HK by a Chinese lady (now his wife) he met online pre-Internet while earning his living at an IBM research lab and studying Biology & Computer Science at Zurich University.

He’s worked in IT, advertising, tourism, online travel, website development and digital marketing.

He's been experimenting with creating digital art as a hobby in numerous styles, using many computer graphics systems for over 40 years. He’s been exhibiting occasionally in art galleries, creating printed calendars, magazine covers, posters, commissions and recently, NFT collections.

The experimental, creative process for this joint exhibition (LG’s 4th in LAC) started with feeding parts of the poem by Trevett Allen (describing a famous painting by Wayne Thiebaud of a shop window full of cakes, see attached painting Trevett-Thiebaud-1.jpg) into an AI-powered text-to-image generative art system (NightCafe Studio). Then processing the results multiple times with his own photos, Mandelbulb 3D fractal, Deep Dream neural styling and extensive Photoshopping. From a large number of experimental images this two image-collage was selected for the exhibition.

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