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Art Therapist Katie Flowers grew up in England, and has lived and worked in Hong Kong for 30 years working as Artist, Art Educator and Art Therapist. She has worked within international and local school settings as well as facilitating art projects in the local community.

Katie is also a passionate Art Journaller who believes that art making helps people to build self-expressive tools which can enable growth, connection and

healing, throughout times of crisis, illness, stress, transition and challenge.

She runs the Wild at Art Studio in Elgin St, Central, offering a range of workshops designed with a focus on emotional health, well-being and creative self-care. Some workshops offer mindful art making opportunities; others help people explore stories, which can help to reframe challenges, develop new perspectives, and discover personal insights.

Katie also provides Creative Wellness opportunities in schools and workplace settings. She offers one on one private Art Therapy sessions addressing areas such as addiction, anxiety, depression and eating disorders.

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