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Emma Palau was born in Valencia, Spain, a city bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, so many years ago that she still remembers cassette tapes and VHS. She decided to be a journalist because she thought it was the perfect job: you get paid to write and you don't even have to make anything up, could there be anything easier? Of course, back then she had no idea what journalism was, she was just young and idealistic. She worked for a decade on the Valencian public television, Channel 9. When the economic crisis hit Spain and corruption hit public television, she found herself on the street, without money and without knowing how to do anything beyond television reports. She had no choice but to reinvent herself and studied to be a Literature teacher; went back to study a little more and became a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language. With the title under her arm, she went to teach Spanish in Latvia, a former Soviet republic. But in Riga, there was too much darkness, sadness and cold, so after three years, she landed in Hong Kong and came to Lamma Island. He has been here for almost seven years now and has never regretted her decision.

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